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🐍 6 Best Jobs for Python Experts

Python has made a name for itself as one of the top three programming languages around. Software quality watchdog Tiobe predicts that Python will even overtake C and Java in 3 to 4 years. This forecast was prompted by the programming language’s resurgence in the index by a record-breaking 2.77% last June. Because of its versatility and ease of use, Python attracts newcomers to programming and is now on top of the Pypl index—a measure of tutorial popularity.

Python was also Tiobe’s fastest rising language in 2018, reflecting the demand for specialists in the workforce. Web academy Udemy considers Python one of the most crucial skills you can learn as the simple syntax has allowed it to grow exponentially over recent years making it suitable for web, desktop, and a variety of business applications. This is why there is an increasing demand for courses that teach the programming language from the ground up.

As a flexible programming language, the opportunities that come with learning and mastering Python are limitless. Here are 6 of the best jobs you can find as a python expert:

Python developer

Python developers design, build, test, deploy, and debug applications like any other developer. But as Python is a readable code, most developers who use this language are tasked with translating concepts into targets for projects. Expertise in frameworks and ORM libraries can take you farther as a Python developer. As a popular programming language, you have access to a huge community of developers that are all pushing for further innovation.

Machine Learning Engineer

One of the most in-demand jobs you can get as a Python developer is becoming a machine learning engineer. As its code is much more understandable and readable compared to other programming languages, Python is now one of the top languages used to build artificial intelligence and machine learning programs. As an agnostic language, it can run most libraries and frameworks needed to reduce development time.

DevOps developer

Python is the dominant back-end language nowadays. DevOps developers build end-to-end automation in the digital pipelines to increase productivity and streamline project management. Python developers have an edge in DevOps as automation is much easier to create using Python.

Data scientist

In this data-driven business environment, data scientists are some of the most sought-after tech workers in the world. Open Data Science reports that the average annual salary of data scientists in Europe is more than 50,000 Euros. This is highest in London, followed by Paris, and Manchester. Data scientists’ role is to organise and analyse large amounts of data so they can be of value to organisations. From data warehousing to building tools to analyse data, a data scientist’s job is as versatile as most developers. It’s also one of the most lucrative fields in tech right now.

Financial analyst

Big banks and financial institutions like JPMorgan and Citi are investing heavily in analysts that know Python. Trading desks and account management positions in investment banking divisions are now teeming with Python-proficient analysts to handle systematic trading and strategy. With tools like Scrapy and Beautifulsoup, financial analysts can examine web traffic and analyse macro economic information in order to find optimal investment positions.

Data Journalist

Data driven journalism is the future of media. Python is not only apt for handling lots of data; it’s also compatible with most visualisation tools and libraries. You have to be a good journalist first before you become a good data journalist. As a data journalist, you should be proficient in both the analysis and visualisation of data. Most data journalists today are proficient in Pandas, Jupyter, and Agate.

With the growing use cases and applications built on top of Python, mastering it is one of the best career choices out there.

Written by Fredrick Hanson.

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